How to make your back yard look nice

Formula 1 racing is a very dangerous, glamorous yet expensive sport that has an interesting history and development

How to make your back yard look nice

Formula 1 racing: Speed of excitement

Formula 1 racing or Grand prix is the 1 of the most expensive extreme and dangerous sport event here on earth. The highest class of single seat auto racing sanction by Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) is one of the sport events that you can find an extreme of excitement and fun. The racing of auto that many people get excite when the racer start their engine and run to the circuit. The racer gets it to full of speed of their engine when they start to run in the track, they have to finish the circuit as fast as they can.
Speed is important key in F1 racing to win the game. And many of manufacturers or company of auto compete in F1 racing. To show their quality in producing auto car in the world that has speed, accelerator and quality body kit. The sport events held in 19 country including Australia, Malaysia, China, Bahrain, Spain, Monaco, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Korea, Japan, India, Abu Dhabi, Unites States and Brazil. And every country has a circuit.
The sporting events is a three days events that usually falls Friday to Sunday, which take place with a series of practice and qualifying session prior to a main race on Sunday. Current regulations provide for two free practice sessions on Friday, a practice session and a qualifying session on Saturday, and the race on Sunday, though the structure of the weekend has changed numerous times over the history of the spot.
One of the famous drivers in F1 racing is Sebastian Vettel. The current World Champion, Having won the championship in 4 consecutive years 2010-2013. Vettel is born July 3, 1987 at Heppenheim, hesse, west germany, now a formula one racing driver of red bull Racing team an Austrian driving team. In his first year driving for Red Bull in 2009, Vettel finished the season as the youngest-ever World Drivers' championship runner-up. The following year he went on to become the youngest driver ever to win the World Drivers' Championship. In the same year he helped Red Bull win the team's first World Constructors' Championship.
To tell the story short, F1 racing is the sport that you can watch for, if you want extreme, exciting and speed to entertain your appetite. The sport that a lot of speed, not only in the car but also in excitement that brings to the audience.

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